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Collage of Philadelphia people and buildings
Philadelphians across the city are frustrated with city leaders and concerned for their families’ futures — and some are fearful for their lives. Read...
Philadelphia is in need of a major turnaround. On that, younger and older voters agree. But the two groups have widely diverging views on how to make...
Looking east toward City Hall from Eakins Oval
Leaders of Philadelphia’s arts organizations want the next mayor to create a dedicated fund for the arts, and elevate the Office of Arts, Culture, and...
Pride flag outside Philadelphia City Hall
Philadelphia Gay News

Where do mayoral candidates stand on the LGBTQ community?

A summary of where all 11 mayoral candidates stand on LGBTQ community issues. Read more. Photo: Kelly Burkhardt
Headshot of Warren Bloom
Philadelphia Gay News

Mayoral Candidate Interview: Warren Bloom

PGN spoke with candidate for mayor Warren Bloom about issues faced by the LGBTQ community. Read more. Photo: Warren Bloom / Facebook