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More than 50 media and community partners have joined the Every Voice, Every Vote coalition. Partners plan to host nearly 200 forums and community events serving communities across the city and produce journalism and voting guides in at least 13 languages.

Media Partners
Community Partners


Amplifying the voices of Philadelphia voters and providing essential election news and information across various platforms.


AL DÍA News is planning a series of intimate town halls and roundtable discussions with candidates. It will also undertake reporting in partnership with other local media and community organizations. Its coverage will include specific voter guides for different groups of Latino voters and a video series on young voters.

Chalkbeat Philadelphia

Chalkbeat Philadelphia will work to create an education-focused voter guide that explains the election’s implications for public education and other issues affecting public schools, including gun violence. To help inform efforts to increase civic engagement, Votebeat Philadelphia will create a map to identify neighborhoods with historically lower voter turnout and will also report on efforts from city government to make voting more accessible.

Chinese in the US

Amplifying the voices of Philadelphia voters and providing essential election news and information across various platforms.

Community Voice PHL

Community Voice PHL will host small group discussions called "Kitchen Table Talks, Philadelphia’s Next Mayor" to provide a safe, non-partisan space for city residents from marginalized groups to talk about the issues that are meaningful to them. The sessions will be recorded, creating an audio and visual archive that will remain active until the end of the general election.

FOX 29

Amplifying the voices of Philadelphia voters and providing essential election news and information across various platforms.

FunTimes Magazine

FunTimes Magazine plans to engage African and Caribbean communities in Philadelphia through listening, small digital and live events, and Q&A sessions with trained personnel to help share civics information and raise awareness of the voting process. These events will be held at community and religious organizations and will include moderated forums with election officials.

G-Town Radio

Amplifying the voices of Philadelphia voters and providing essential election news and information.


Generocity will produce a series of fireside chats with local leaders and community members to empower Philadelphians to propose solutions and policies for the Mayoral candidates to consider and respond to, and inform the outlet’s future coverage of top issues.Promoting Every Voice, Every Vote activities and resources in newsletters to Philly change makers.

Green Philly

Climate change has already begun to impact Philadelphia, and the city’s leadership will be essential in combatting the effects of a hotter, wetter Philadelphia. Green Philly, which covers environmental issues in Philadelphia, will host two events and run a robust social media campaign discussing essential topics about the election and sustainability.

Grid Magazine

Grid Magazine will make a 16-page print voter guide based on mayoral candidates’ sustainability platforms to run ahead of the primary. Grid’s editorial team and lead reporter will profile every candidate running for mayor using a questionnaire created with audience input.

iHeartMedia Philly

Amplifying the voices of Philadelphia voters and providing essential election news and information in English and Spanish.

Kensington Voice

Kensington Voice will publish news stories, Q&As, and resource guides in English and Spanish based on data collected from Fairhill, Harrowgate, Kensington, and Norris Square residents on what issues are most important to them. It will also host two special engagement events, including an art contest to communicate people’s experiences in their neighborhoods to the mayoral candidates and a snowball survey competition to collect questions from residents to be presented to the mayoral candidates.

Love Now Media

As part of its “Love, Liberty & the Pursuit of Justice” project, Love Now Media will set up pop-up storytelling booths at different junctures leading up to the mayoral election where residents can share which issues are most important to them. Love Now Media will also pose questions to participants on local politics to identify information gaps. Information collected in these booths will be researched and reported on, and videos from the booths will be shared online.


Amplifying the voices of Philadelphia voters and providing essential election news and information across various platforms.

New Mainstream Press

New Mainstream Press will utilize its Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean print and digital platforms to publish multimedia voter guides, interviews, and policy explainers. To ensure these communities are engaged in the election, the organization will host online and in-person panel discussions and debate forums for candidates, conduct surveys and create discussion groups via WeChat, and create a FAQ based on reader comments.

Nueva Esperanza – Impacto

Impacto, a Spanish-language community newspaper, will launch the "Tu Eliges/You Decide" series, assembling a team of journalists focused on service journalism and investigative reporting in North Philadelphia. The project, which spans print, digital, podcasts, and social media content, will incorporate participatory journalism and include two Hispanic community forums where residents and political leaders can engage in robust dialogue with one another in a trusted setting.

Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists

The Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists will partner with PhillyCAM, WURD Radio, and The Philadelphia Tribune to host a candidate forum that will be streamed across multiple platforms. The organizations would use data from Black Philadelphians on a variety of issues to inform their questions.

Philadelphia Gay News

Philadelphia Gay News will cover the election with a focus on important issues currently facing the LGBTQ+ community, including needs of the trans community, homelessness among LGBTQ+ youth, and worker equity. PGN will host town halls, create voter guides, and publish election coverage that includes candidate interviews.


PhillyCAM’s after school program will teach young people ages 16-24 the skills of media making through a political education lens. The program will give them the opportunity to explore how their peers engage in politics and learn to use media as a way of sharing information on pressing issues with friends and family.

Resolve Philly

Resolve Philly will be utilizing its “Shake the Table” program, a collaborative reporting and community engagement initiative focused on the experiences of city residents with Philadelphia’s operating departments, and the Documenters program, which trains residents to document and report on public meetings, to cover the election. It also will be producing a civic literacy and 2023 elections toolkit, which will use video, print, data visualization, text message, and in-person engagements to reach voters in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Scribe Video Center

Scribe operates WPEB 88.1FM, a radio station serving West Philadelphia that is produced by community members themselves. The West Philadelphia Voices project will develop at least 5 ongoing radio programs to be broadcast on WPEB that address the issues facing the West Philadelphia community, including gentrification, policing, violence prevention, and education.

Technical.ly Media

Technical.ly will gather questions from its readers and other residents relating to inclusive entrepreneurship that will be made into multimedia candidate questionnaires. The responses from these questionnaires will be published before the May 2023 primary, and Technical.ly will work with a local influencer to publish an explainer video on one of the questionnaire’s more complex issues.

The Bullhorn

The Bullhorn's teen journalists cover the election and provide essential resources for young voters.

The Philadelphia Citizen

The Philadelphia Citizen’s “The Ultimate Job Interview” editorial and event series will begin with community input on what residents want and need from their next mayor. From there, The Citizen will host free, in-person “job interviews” with each of Philadelphia’s mayoral candidates where voters can learn about their platform and ask questions, which will then be shared digitally. The coverage will also include a voter guide, reporting on the candidates’ backgrounds, interviews with the candidates, and canvassing sessions.

The Philadelphia Hall Monitor

Hall Monitor, which already covers news about and important to the registered community groups, civic groups, and concerned citizens, will use its existing network to create a vehicle for low- and moderate-income Philadelphians to question Mayoral Candidates about the issues that are important to them and their communities.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Inquirer is planning two video projects, one of which asks the candidates questions based on public opinion data, and the other which will interview candidates in their home neighborhoods around the city. It also plans to host events, including forums, town halls, and community-based issue events in partnership with other organizations.

The Philadelphia Sunday Sun

Amplifying the voices of Philadelphia voters and providing essential election news and information to city’s African American community.

The Philadelphia Tribune

The Philadelphia Tribune will partner with NBC 10 to run a poll asking registered African American voters to rank understand their top issues and host a debate with the Democratic candidates ahead of the primary. The Tribune will also hire a political reporter to cover the race from January 2023 through June 2023.

The Trace

The Trace publishes investigative journalism on one of Philadelphia's most pressing issues: Gun violence.

Unified Partnerships, iHeartMedia

The Unified Partnerships division of iHeartMedia will create audio and social media content using trusted voices to encourage civic participation. Using data-driven targeting technology, it will work to make strategic media placements to reach traditionally hard-to-reach groups.

We Talk Weekly

We Talk Weekly will host in-person and virtual Bring Your Own Voice (B.Y.O.V.) town hall sessions where Black and Brown Philadelphians can discuss issues and receive voter guides. Mayoral candidates will be invited to the B.Y.O.V. events. It will also partner with a number of organizations serving Black and brown Philadelphians, voter advocacy groups, issue-based groups, and more for its coverage, and use its broadcast, digital, and SMS platforms to keep voters up-to-date.


WHYY News, Billy Penn, and the 14 News and Information Community Exchange (N.I.C.E.) community partners will be engaging in a number of projects, including hosting a gun violence prevention forum with candidates, creating a “Meet Your Mayor” quiz, reporting on the needs of small businesses, and publishing multilingual news products like voter's guides. Content will be published through both broadcast and digital platforms.

WURD Radio

WURD Radio will hire freelancers to cover stories discussed on-air and answer listener questions, host two candidate forums on issues impacting the Black community, produce and air PSAs on voter engagement, and host live broadcasts throughout the city. It plans to collaborate with organizations like The Philadelphia Citizen and The Cultural Alliance for candidate interviews and events discussing the state of Philadelphia’s Black arts and culture institutions.

¡Presente! Media

¡Presente! Media will support young Latinx Philadelphians — particularly Millennial and Generation Z voters — and promote an informed voting experience through a series of bilingual articles and documentary-style videos rooted in facts, service, and solutions. The content will educate young voters about different parties and policies and discuss the role of family, community, and history in civic engagement.