Our Partners

More than 50 media and community partners have joined the Every Voice, Every Vote coalition. Partners plan to host nearly 200 forums and community events serving communities across the city and produce journalism and voting guides in at least 13 languages.

Media Partners
Community Partners

Alliance for a Just Philadelphia

Working with a multi-issue coalition of more than 25 organizations, The Alliance for a Just Philadelphia will develop and update the People’s Platform to highlight the issues of racially diverse working-class Philadelphians. The Platform will be translated into multiple languages, distributed throughout the city, and be used as the basis for questions during a candidate forum in the spring of 2023.

Asian American Chamber of Commerce

AACCGP will engage in community engagement activities and events with community development corporations and other Asian-American associations and develop and translate a voter guide into several languages.

Athletic Club of Fairhill

AC Fairhill will host two community engagement events – a community listening session and a summer block party – with families in the Fairhill neighborhood of North Philadelphia to equip them with necessary civic and voting information ahead of the 2023 Philadelphia elections.


Ceiba will leverage its network of the 10 largest Latino community-based organizations in Eastern North Philadelphia's Barrio to enhance civic education, increase voter participation, and combat misinformation.

Children First

Elevating community voices and empowering Philadelphia voters through community engagement efforts.

Committee of Seventy

Committee of Seventy will continue and expand their robust suite of voter engagement activities, including WeVote, Studio C70, Poll Worker Project, BYOBallot, and How Philly Works.

Congreso de Latinos Unidos

Actívate! Congreso Civic Engagement Project will recruit and train community ambassadors to deliver bilingual voter education and facilitate community conversations. The project will also include community-created social media content and digital and in-person surveys.


The iVoteEarly.Live Project will engage Black and Brown professionals and entrepreneurs through two live events and a comprehensive direct marketing and social media campaign.

East Point Breeze Neighbors

EPBN will produce and distribute a nonpartisan voter guide in six languages for East Point Breeze residents, and hold a neighborhood candidates' forum.

Easterseals of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Easterseals will conduct a townhall-style listening session and produce multilingual PSAs and voter guides to bring awareness to issues that are important to people with disabilities, spotlight the challenges that people with disabilities face in voting, and promote disability voices from the Philadelphia community.

Economy League of Greater Philadelphia

Elevating community voices and empowering Philadelphia voters through community engagement efforts.

Elevate 215

Elevate 215 will host a mayoral forum covering the continuum of education in Philadelphia, from PreK through postsecondary education and career pathways, in partnership with the Community College of Philadelphia.

Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church

Enon will hold a series of community outreach events to increase voter engagement among its community, including opportunities to interact with candidates, register to vote, and understand the voting process.

Episcopal Community Services

Episcopal Community Services will host a nonpartisan voting and civic engagement community forum in West Philadelphia.

Friends of FDR Park

Friends of FDR Park will host a one-day City Civic Fair in partnership with community organizations to provide accessible voting information in multiple languages, engage with candidates, and bring diverse communities together over food and entertainment.

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

The PHL Arts Voter Education and Engagement Initiative will include a mayoral candidate forum in partnership with local arts organizations, which will inform the development of the PHL Arts Voter Guide.

Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Diverse Chambers Coalition of Philadelphia will develop and implement a civic education campaign that raises awareness among diverse entrepreneurs and business owners about the importance of engaging in the upcoming elections, culminating with mayoral candidates and City Council candidate’s town halls.


Future Folklore is a youth-led voter engagement project that will combine multimedia content creation and community exhibitions to capture the perspectives and experiences of 18-29 year old Black Philadelphians around the intersections of mental health, trauma healing, and professional development, with a particular focus on those who have typically been politically disengaged and mistrusting of the city government. Humanature works in partnership with The Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation at Drexel University.

Indonesian Lantern Media

Indonesian Lantern Media will hold a community listening session community listening sessions for the Indonesian community living in Philadelphia, especially in South Philadelphia, to listen to the community needs and provide voter information ahead of the 2023 Municipal elections.

Maternity Care Coalition

Elevating community voices and empowering Philadelphia voters through community engagement efforts.

One PA Activists United

Through voter registration, issue education, and candidate forums, One PA Activists United will engage Caribbean and West African immigrant communities in Philadelphia.

PA Youth Vote

PYV will embark on a one-year intensive project focusing on youth voter education and engagement. Activities will include: expanding school-based voting clubs, supporting the use of youth voter curriculum, developing and publishing a Youth Voter's Guide and Youth Agenda, and holding a mock mayoral election for students.

Pennsylvania Prison Society

The Pennsylvania Prison Society will increase voter education and turnout among incarcerated Philadelphians by developing and distributing voting guides for people in custody, their families, and people newly released from prison.

Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts

PMC will hold candidate forums and produce a podcast series to inform Pennsylvania voters about the 2023 judicial elections, the courts for which the candidates are running, and the significant impact the courts have on Pennsylvanians and on our democracy.

People Advancing Reintegration

Elevating community voices and empowering Philadelphia voters through community engagement efforts.

Philadelphia Parks Alliance

The Parks & Rec Heroes project will work with neighborhood partners across Philadelphia to host forums and events and crowd-source questions for candidates that address the impact of well-maintained parks and recreation centers, increased recreation programming, and a healthy urban forest on residents’’ lives.

PhillyBOLT (Build Our Lives Together)

In partnership with PA Youth Vote, Philly BOLT will train 20 youth facilitators to lead the Philly Youth Voices: Candidates & Elected Officials Listening Session.

Please Touch Museum

The Please Touch Museum will convene a Children’s Mayoral Forum to address the issues important to the children and families living in Philadelphia, with a specific focus on families residing in the Parkside Community.

Project HOME

Project HOME will develop and distribute a voter guide focused on issues of housing, jobs, and services for people who have experienced or are at risk of homelessness.

Southwest CDC

Southwest Community Development Center will create two voter guides focused on issues important to residents of Southwest Philadelphia. 50,000 guides will be distributed to area residents through the Southwest Globe community newspaper.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

The Bicycle Coalition will host a mayoral forum to discuss the future of transportation and mobility in Philadelphia.

The Connect

Elevating community voices and empowering Philadelphia voters through community engagement efforts.

The Elevation Project

The Elevation Project will hold a series of live social media interviews with judicial and mayoral candidates hosted by two formerly incarcerated individuals.

The Monkey & the Elephant

The Monkey & the Elephant will host a series community listening sessions, voter drives, and panel discussions specifically for the Brewerytown business community, artists and creatives, people affected by foster care.

The Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition

In partnership with a coalition of 38 community organizations, The Philadelphia Crosstown Coalition will host mayoral forums in several Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Urban Affairs Coalition

Urban Affairs Coalition will amplify community concerns and drive civic engagement in communities that have been marginalized through intensive community listening, public forums, public sentiment polling, community content creation.

Victoria's Urban Outreach Tutoring Service

VUOTS will engage block captains and ward leaders in two civic education sessions for Germantown residents with a specific focus on judicial elections.

Vision Philadelphia

Elevating community voices and empowering Philadelphia voters through community engagement efforts.

Waste Free Philly

Elevating community voices and empowering Philadelphia voters through community engagement efforts.


Black Girl Politics will engage high-school-aged Black girls from West and Southwest Philadelphia in an internship program where they will learn about the political process, governing, civil discourse, and civic responsibility. They will use this information to analyze the political platforms of mayoral and city council candidates and develop a social change and policy agenda that addresses their needs.

West Mt. Airy Neighbors

West Mt. Airy Neighbors will host three town halls style forums – one for mayoral candidates, one for city council at large candidates, and one for District 8 City Council candidates—geared toward Northwest Philadelphia residents.

Why Not Prosper

Count Me IN will increase civic engagement and an informed electorate among current and formerly incarcerated Philadelphians through listening sessions, civics education, and a social media campaign.

William Way LGBT Community Center

William Way will produce a series of LGBTQ+ community engagement and Know Your Rights events, launch a social media campaign led by a peer influencer intern to facilitate community conversation, and partner with Hearts on A Wire to educate incarcerated trans folks on their voting rights.

Woori Center

To address historically low voter registration rates and build a strong civic engagement culture among Asian Americans, Woori Center register voters at grocery stores, college campuses, and community events, and deploy GOTV activities ahead of primary and general elections, including phone and text banking and door-to-door mobilization.


Sharp Insight engages barbers and youth ambassadors throughout Philadelphia communities of color to empower trusted messengers to have conversations about political and community issues.